Welcome to Urban Yarning!

As a tech editor, I want to make your life as a knitting designer easier. I'm here to free up more of your time to be creative. Through my services, I want to ensure that your patterns are free of technical errors and these small things you don't see anymore when you read your text for the 5th time. I can help you with developing a consistent style and support you in your branding process. Hence, my services include creating style sheets. I'll make sure your pattern can be easily understood by non-native English speakers as I'm one myself. I can provide translations as well if you're interested.

The goal of technical editing is to ensure an accurate, clear and consistent pattern.                                                                    

To that avail, I check the following:

  • all numbers

  • measurements

  • stitch counts

  • stitch patterns

  • written instructions

  • charts and graphics

  • abbreviations


From a non-native English speaker and knitter's point of view I'll make suggestions regarding:

  • understandability

  • readability

  • layout

  • coherence


Having fun while tech editing.

Having fun while tech editing.

I won't check language and grammar although I'll mark anything I see which seems not quite right to me. And "mark" is the keyword: That’s all I'll do in your pattern. I won't change or correct anything but I'll make it clear where you should.

To avoid chaotic documents or unintentional changes in the formatting, I'll only work with pdfs. If you send me another type of computer file, I'll convert it to pdf before I start. For the exchange of files, I'm happy to use email and dropbox.

I want to build a good relationship with you as a knitting designer and support you in your work whether you're a new designer or are already established. I haven't found my editing niche yet so contact me and I promise I'll be honest with you and tell you if I think we'd be a good fit or if a colleague may be better suited to one particular pattern. But usually I'll come back to you with an estimate of the charges for my services.

My rate is 35€/hour with a minimum charge of 20€.

To be as transparent as I can be beforehand, here is more information about what to expect for different pattern types and how the process works.

Please contact me to get on my editing calendar. Feel free to ask any questions you might have.