Valentina Bogdanova, valentinasknits:

Working with Frauke was a very positive and enjoyable experience for me! She is very quick, professional, responsible, accurate, demanding in the very best way, and with her, any designer can be sure that the final pattern will be a success, at least from the technical point of view :) To me, Frauke became more than just a technical editor: She is a great inspiration and support for any designer, beginners or experienced ones. Her skills are outstanding and her language is brilliant (very important for those whose native language is not English). Frauke thinks about every little detail which you as designer might oversee. I am very happy to have met her and look forward to continuing our cooperation!

Nicky Jensen, Handknits and Hygge:

Frauke edited my very first pattern. She was sensitive to the fact that I am a beginner and gave a lot of helpful and encouraging feedback. She is very professional and transparent - from her informative website, to her clear communication of timelines and throughout the editing process. Frauke was very thorough, editing for math, consistency, and format. She even checked whether my yarn was still available (something I hadn't thought of) and helped me find a substitute. She also made helpful suggestions not only as a tech editor but as my target audience, a knitter. I look forward to working with Frauke again and would absolutely recommend her services to new and experienced designers alike. 

Heather Folkner, Sugar Plum Ferret Knits:

Frauke's tech edit of my recent pattern was extremely thorough and her turn around time was very quick. She checked my pattern for consistency and readability, but also took into account my audience. She worked with me until my pattern was readable and well formatted. She was friendly, a clear communicator, and her notes were specific and easy to follow. I would highly recommend Frauke to any pattern designer, from beginner to experienced.

Paula King, KraziKnitz Designs:

Frauke provided excellent service as a tech editor.
Her editing turnaround time was ahead of schedule and my requests for further information were always promptly answered. She provided the unique viewpoint of a non-native English speaker, both as a tech editor and consumer of knitting patterns. She provided guidance on layout as well, which was appreciated (especially from the consumer viewpoint). She helped me understand the changes she wished me to make. It's helpful to understand, so that you can avoid those pitfalls in future patterns.
I would highly recommend her services.

Su Sayer, Su Sayer Knit Designs:

Frauke is a very thorough tech editor and has great attention to detail, checking every aspect of my pattern from top to bottom. She is very easy to communicate with and the comments on her edit are very helpful and informative. Her turn around was very quick and well within the agreed timeframe. All in all, a very professional tech editing service and I would have no problem in recommending her to others.